The Escape Room will transport you to a unique and masterfully crafted environment in which you'll discover hidden messages to earn your freedom and escape the room in 60 minutes. Timing is the key.


The Pirates of Holbox

Duration: 60 mins   

Players: 1 - 5 

Difficulty: Medium/Hard

Age: Minimum 12 years

Languages: Spanish & English

How to play

Work as a team

The secret to success is to keep talking to each other. The whole time.

Big brother is watching

Cameras and microphones are installed in all rooms; in any abnormal situation your game-master will come to your aid.


Pay attention to everything you can see around you. But don't overthink it. Sometimes the solution is the most obvious one.

Ask for a clue

If you're getting frustrated you can always ask us for a clue, any time you like.

No spoilers

To help make the experience as good for everyone, please don't share anything about what happens in the room

Have fun!

But no farting. That's not funny.



Prices per person

5 players - 360 MXN / 21 USD

4 players - 370 MXN / 22 USD

3 players - 380 MXN / 22 USD

2 players - 490 MXN / 29 USD

1 players - 900 MXN / 58 USD



Calle Porfirio Diaz, Isla Holbox

+521 984 136 8852

+49 176 115 115 00

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